Barley Formula, sequence and ingredients

Note to readers: I wrote to this on my blog over 5 years ago when my daughter thrived on this formula.  I have since done extensive research and believe this formula is best done after age one when your babies body starts producing the enzyme amylase which breaks down grain starts to be produced.  I recommend Weston A. Price formula if you are unable to nurse or want a back up that mimics closely mother’s milk.

I have found many questions and wonders about how to make barley formula and properly store it as well.  Based on years of experience in my family and always looking at the bulletin on how it’s made since the 60ies I have documented all of this including links on where you can get the barley, muslin, milk and the corn syrup.

Barley Formula for Babies

by L. Ron Hubbard

Roman troops marched on barley. Barley is the highest protein content cereal.

This formula is the nearest approach to human milk that can be assembled easily. It is an old Roman formula, no less, from maybe, 2,200 years ago.

The formula to use is:

15 ounces of barley water

10 ounces of homogenized milk

3 ounces of corn syrup

The amount of syrup should be varied -depending on the baby-some like it weak-some take it stronger.

This formula can be multiplied by any number according to the number of bottles desired but the ratio remains the same.

To make the barley water, put about half a cup of whole barley in a piece of muslin, tie loosely to allow for expansion and boil slowly for 6 1/2 hours in about 4 pints of water. Barley will turn very, very pink.

Do not add anything else to this formula, such as vitamins or cream “to make the formula more nutritious.” The formula is as laid out above.

Use this formula and have healthier babies.

L. Ron Hubbard

Other links for Barley and the ingredients:


WholeFoods (they carry it or you can ask them to). (Great River has THE best hulled barley)

Nature’s Food Patch (for those living in Clearwater)

Raw Homogenized Milk: (Goats milk is naturally homogenized) Great resource for finding raw milk for both cow and goat
Trader Joes – $3.99 per jug (Summermill, pasteurized by not Ultra)
Ralphs $4.99 (Meyenberger, only problem is that it’s ultra pastuerized).
Claravale Farms $6.99 (only in California)

Corn Syrup:

Real, raw corn syrup is not being made at this time. Organic maple syrup or molasses is a good back-up but understand that Maple syrup amounts should be less than noted above because it has a higher ability to cause diarrhea.

Muslin Cloth:
Joann’s Fabrics

Fashion’s Fabrics



Don’t use the same crock-pot that you cook your food in for barley. Barley really wears out your crock-pot and you will be happy you had two of them.  So be sure to get one separately.

These companies carry crock-pots as well, Macey’s, Walmart, Costco, Best Buy, Target, Cuisinart & KitchenAid

Here are the steps:

31 Responses to Barley Formula, sequence and ingredients

  1. Julia Jaquillard says:

    Hi! Awesome and thanks so much for posting this! Just wanted to chime in for those of us that live in Clearwater or thereabouts. I have only found hulled barley at one place in the area – Nature’s Food Patch. I ordered a Crock pot with an automatic timer on it from also. You can subscribe to Amazon Mom and get free shipping on different items! Also, Publix sells the same exact brand of goat’s milk that the health food stores sell and it’s cheaper at Publix!


  2. Kris Ontiveros says:

    shoot – I added the 3 oz of corn syrup first and now when I taste it tastes really sweet. Maybe I’ll make another batch & not do that. Thoughts? I don’t want to get him going on really sweet foods this early if not needed! Using the goat’s milk btw, this is a first for him so wish me luck 🙂


    • K! That’s great. Yes, 3 ounces has always been really strong for Riley and I noticed she spit up more when I did that. I’ve cut way back down to very basic and don’t do that much at all. Not all babies need that much. How did the Barley formula go?


  3. Anita says:

    Do u think it’s fine to use Agave sweetener instead? Also, Id like to use raw milk – any third? Thanks,


    • Well, my answer is to look at what the bulletin says. It’s clearly Corn Syrup. The only other alternative that I would say comes close would be Grade B Maple Syrup which is loaded with B vitamins for the baby. Agave Syrup is not a healthy replacement at all and recent studies show this.


  4. Sheila Springer says:

    How many grams of protein is there per serving? How could I find that out?


  5. Yulia Jenner says:

    I use this syrup:
    It’s organic, non-GMO. I found it in Whole Foods (we are in VA). It does have vanilla and salt though, but I don’t know a better alternative.


    • Hi Yulia, thanks so much. This is not standard corn syrup. I have found a place that uses 100 % organic non-GMO corn, and it’s a small operation but they have great corn syrup that is REAL corn syrup. I have that included on the links in my blog. Thanks for checking it out.


  6. Britt, how do you serve this? Do you mix it with breast milk, or serve it separately?


    • Hey Jazz, I do it exactly per the reference noted. I don’t do breastmilk but some mamas do it. That’s not considered “barley formula” but it’s worth doing if you can include your breastmilk. I would have loved it personally if I made enough breastmilk. But I don’t. I make just enough. And yes it’s served in addition to breastfeeding.


  7. I gotcha. Yeah, I am back to work now and with pumping I seem to be producing either just barely enough or slightly less than he’s consuming, and my husband is holding back a bit and not feeding him as much as he would like. So, it looks like we need a supplement. Thanks for posting this info!


  8. anet says:

    I use a rice maker that has a timer and slow cooking option. It doesn’t get spoiled, easy to clean and still looks like new.


  9. anet says:

    Great tips, thank you!


  10. munazzah says:

    What difference it wil make if we don’t use corn syrup? Can v use sugar or honey instead?


    • I like the details state clearly. I don’t think any mother would use sugar or honey for a baby for sure not in the first year of life. I would recommend secondly Grade B Maple syrup if you can’t get the raw organic corn syrup.


  11. Charlotta Krueger says:

    Good post, Brittany! I wanted to add that you can even get goat milk at Walmart for even cheaper than Nature’s or Publix 🙂


    • That’s true. Problem with that goat milk is that it’s severely processed so the essential nutrients that help break down the goat milk have been totally burned through heat process. So if you can get RAW goats milk that’s recommended!


  12. Greenmom says:

    Check the HCOB in the red vols. He says that the Romans used honey. I can’t get organic corn syrup so I am using raw honey for my 13 month old. We exclusively breastfeed until last week.


    • Hi Tarryn, thanks for checking out my blog. My concern is that you have an HCOB that was altered by someone other than LRH and documented. The reference I have is based purely on LRH and the original issue. there are studies that show that honey is unsafe until at least 1 year of age for babies. And secondly, unless you can get raw, straight from bee honey I would recommend Grade B Maple syrup over honey any day if you cannot get corn syrup. 🙂


  13. Jessica says:

    Hi thank you for this it got me started with the barley. My 8 month old did well with two bottles a day and formula and purees. I’m looking to do just barley and purees. Can you elaborate on the vitamin bottle? How did you decide what vits and dosage. I have attention on how to supplement that correctly. Thanks


    • Hey Jessica. Thanks for checking out my blog. I had to experiment a bit. Because of how young my girls were I did 1/3 of the recommended Children vitamins. I played around with it until I saw the poop consistency stay the same. I will re-verify my amounts on my blog and adjust. How old is your baby?


  14. Celia says:

    Thank you for those info!!! It is really nice and I will start soon with the formula.
    What about cow’s milk? LRH did not mention goat milk, right?


    • Hi Celia. Thanks for checking out my blog. His exact terms are “homogenized milk”. Goats milk is the only milk on the market that is naturally homogenized. Cows milk goes through extensive processing to get it “homogenized”. The milk from the 1960ies was also much higher quality and didn’t have the enzymes destroyed through a heat/super pasteurization process. My experience with both of my babies and when my mother used this in the nursery was that cows milk was extremely hard to digest. Takes 8 hours for an adult to digest 1 cup of cows milk. Takes 4 hours for an adult to digest 1 cup of goats milk. So I recommend goats milk, in raw form, if you can get it. Hope that answers your question.


  15. Alejandra says:

    How long does the formula lasts?


    • Alejandra – I’ve only ever kept my formula for one week and it started to smell bad. What I have done to extend the life is to keep the barley water with organic corn syrup separate from the milk. I highly recommend Weston A Price formula now.


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