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In September of last year, after caring for a mother who had her daughter removed after she declined the Hep B shot at birth, I stepped up to help this mother out and the amount of citizens who stepped up to help was astounding. Chiros, Doctors, attorneys all joined to protect this mother and her case was dismissed by DHS.

I then went to my Senator and pleaded with him to do something to change this. He recommended introducing legislation.  Fast forward to today, I have spent many hours getting these 3 bills submitted, getting it on the calendar to be heard and then have it fail to be scheduled for a work session.  Why?  Well, per legislators “it takes more than one session to push an idea that goes against the grain of the general populace”.  What?  So our rights, our personal rights listed in the constitution is going against the grain just because the word “vaccine” is listed in it?  Or as one Senator said (who has been found colluding with Pharma Lobbyists)  “It’s not going to get a popular vote”.

The three bills that I fought for along with thousands of Oregonians are here:

DHS amendment of abuse bill
Rights to informed consent for all vaccines bill
Rights to employment

These bills had overwhelming support, they had tons of calls and emails. They had people coming out of the woodwork to testify in support of these bills. It still didn’t pass. I am searching more as to why and I have asked specifically with the Chairs of those committees why.

Couple things I learned this year:

  1. We need more people seeing their Senators. Talking to the Senators, giving your concerns and we need more active constituents for our fundamental rights to our bodies. Give them books, Documentaries, studies, give them TRUTH. They do listen.
  2. There are more lobbyists pushing their agenda during legislative session than there are concerned parents.  We could win this war if we inundated our legislators year round with your concerns. We can’t wait until a bill hits the floor to finally stand up and do something.  We need to be PRO-ACTIVE now.  If you went once a month to a town hall meeting, scheduled one appointment every three months with your Senator, showing up at the Capitol, be known and show up.
  3. Raise the membership base for your local group that protects parental rights. You do this by telling your friends, telling your family and them telling their friends. Our group is not nearly as big as it should.
  4. There are GOOD Senators/Legislators. They need to be informed by their constituents and groups protecting parental and individual rights.
  5. Town hall Meetings with US Congressman/woman need to be more than 2-3 people that are fighting for the goal of personal rights. We need WAY MORE people showing up. The bigger our roar, the bigger it impinges.

After giving this testimony, it hit me and I tried to do a “live” Facebook video about it but it was too emotional for me.  I can’t do this with just a handful of people, my friends.  People who I know support this cause never made a phone call or email and could have. We need to triple our numbers.  Pharma Reps at the Capitol are HUGE. We must start showing up NOW to our Senators and our legislators and you must remain vocal and you must remain active if you want CHANGE.  We need to be present in larger numbers than the lobbyists who are paid handsomely to take our freedoms away.  If you go to Church daily or weekly, if you have a running club, have a membership at a gym talk about it, get your friends more active but also carve out 30 minutes in your week to fight for personal rights.

Don’t wait until next legislative session when 3-4 bills have been submitted that take away our rights to informed consent. Please help us secure it. Please get active. Please do more!

If you live in Oregon and want to help, we are trying to get 250,000 signatures to protect our constitutional right to informed medical consent.  If you live in Oregon, go here to sign up to do more. If you don’t want to do signatures, letters, phone calls and a meeting with your Senator is also important.

Finally a wonderful new docu-series about informed consent and parental rights and real scientific information on vaccines, The Truth About Vaccines




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