Secondary drowning and magic of Vitamin C

Note to Reader: I am not a Doctor and anything I say here is my experience and what I have done to fix naturally.  Please consult a Doctor if  you have any concerns about your child’s health or well being. 

August 2016 is a date I will remember for a long time. About 12pm in the afternoon we were at a water park and my daughter jumped onto an inner tube my son was holding on to and he fell into the water. I caught him but half of his face landed in the water. He seemed to be okay and continued to play.   Fast forward to 6-8 hour later, he started breathing really fast and had a fever. I was timing his breathing and frequently checking his temperature and couldn’t figure out what was going on. You can hear him at that time:

I had finally given his body about 8 hours to fight it, gave him some vitamins at that time, probiotics, steam bath, oil on the chest/back and feet and nothing was breaking the rapidity of breathing. I gave him Ibuprofen and waited another hour and nothing was improving the rate of breathing. Finally picked him up about 3:30am and ran him to the hospital.

When we arrived they swabbed his nose, chest X-rays, nebulizer, then oxygen to open up his airways as he was having a hard time breathing.  He finally started to calm down when I put oxygen over his mouth.  Xray came back with pneumonia but only a pocket of it on his left lung. After lots of dialogue we ascertained that it was the aspirating of water that caused this or similar to “dry drowning” or “secondary drowning”

SECONDARY DROWNING: “After being briefly submerged in water, an affected child may gag and cough a little and seem fine for a while, even up to 24 hours. However, the small amount of water that was aspirated into the airway will spark an inflammatory response, which will cause the lungs to slowly fill up with fluid (known as pulmonary edema). That’s why symptoms don’t show up until hours later.”

So, just to be safe, they gave him IV antibiotics and then waited a couple more hours. He was still breathing really fast. By 6am,  the Doctor on duty didn’t feel our small town hospital was equipped to handle my son so we were raced by Panda Care (ambulance staff specifically trained in the transporting of babies/children) team to OHSU Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Portland.

When we arrived at OHSU we were hooked back up to all the monitors and just under “observation”. One thing the nurse said was that when you have an issue with dry drowning, you really need to get the child to cough, get them to move the fluid around in the lungs so it can go out.  So I started doing that with Archer and sure enough, after each “fake” cough his stats would go up.  I told Archer what he needed to do to get out of the hospital as he just wanted to go home.  He made it happen.  Within 5 hours of arriving we were already being discharged with a second dose of antibiotics to take with us for the week.

I arrived home after essentially two days of no sleep and I started looking at what I could change in my house and what predisposed my son to respiratory issues, because we were also in the hospital when he was not yet a year old for similar symptoms and ended up just being that his body was sensitive to high fevers.  I started researching and it dawned on me that my son was deficient in vitamin C.

Well 3 weeks later, similar symptoms came back and instead of freaking out, I just started him on 500mg of raw vitamin C every two hours. He was breathing bad, breathing fast and had a fever again. By the second dose of 500mg of raw vitamin C his breathing slowed down and started to regulate, his body temp started to go down again as well and by that morning all symptoms were GONE! I was so relieved.

Interestingly enough Vitamin C studies confirm efficacy for respiratory issues including pneumonia, common colds, whooping cough and even sepsis. So I believe the efficacy of Vitamin C cannot be understated.

Since I started putting Vitamin C in daily as well, he has not gotten sick…until he started pre-school last week (was expected) but he was only out for 24 hours and amazingly he had zero respiratory issues with his fever. Now I know exactly what to do to fix it if he has any symptoms of flu/sickness/illness.  I just give him my homemade Elderberry syrup and also my Vitamin C and he’s fully recovered the next day.

My daughters also get the same routine when they have any illness and they rebound so fast when I use raw Vitamin C.  I never saw these results when I used synthetic brands.

For my children, I take 1-2 capsules of Garden of Life Raw vitamin C and break them open, or 1/4-1tsp of Pure Synergy Vitamin C powder, add in my Elderberry syrup & mix with some Ultima Electrolytes in their cups, stir and they drink. They get it daily. 

I recommend these brands and I have seen wonderful results with these, also I’ve figured out making my own Liposomal Vitamin C without the use of synthetic vitamin C for those who want quick absorption of the vitamin C.

1. Pure Synergy
2. Garden of Life 
3. Dr. Schulze 
4. MegaFoods 

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Started running at age 9 and always loved learning about nutrition and health. When I was 17 years old, 30lbs over weight and diagnosed with hypo-thyroidism I decided to heal myself through diet and exercise. Having fully recovered from that and having three children I have learned how to effectively heal my children through diet. I decided through pressure from friends to document my success on a blog and here I am. 2018 will be a big year for me. I hope to be well on my way to finishing my degree in Pediatric Nutrition.
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