Natural remedies for babies

I’ve put this together in once place. I’ve had help over the past several years from friends and then experimented to see what worked best for my girls.

Please note I am not a Doctor. I am giving my success.

Here are natural and to some “unconventional” remedies I’ve used and found successful:

Restless sleeper/wakeful/teething: My experience over time is it’s usually following a growth spurt, dehydrated, teething or simply vitamin deficient.  I started both of my babies at 3 months of age. My immediate remedies are:

1. Hyland’s Calms Forte 4 Kids:  (Yes, I do give them to my kids younger than 2 years of age). I give 2 tablets before nap time and 3 tablets before bed time. Especially if there’s any indication of teething.
2. Hyland’s Camomilla 30X:  Amazing stuff. I use it with the Calms Forte. I use it for near everything. I buy the 3 pack from Amazon and save a ton of money this way. I give 3-4 tablets before nap and bed time.
3. Hyland’s Bioplasma Cell salts: Replenishing and revitalizing the cells of the body and hydrating the body is very important.  Also helps with any inflammation.  I give them 10 tablets before bed. I also get my order from or Vitacost (depends on who is cheaper when I need to re-stock.
4. Melatonin Nutraspray: I used this when my oldest daughter had 4 molars coming in. Was waking up every 1.5 hours screaming. This helped a ton. I also used this on airplanes when they couldn’t relax and both my girls would sleep great. I used only 1-2 sprays. I would say, “It’s sugar spray”. Important: Do not abuse or over-use. Baby can have bad dreams with too much.  So I used it sparingly and only when traveling and when desperate.
5. Vitamin Concoction during the day:  (in a bottle for the baby or cup for the oldest) Give after lunch time on a full stomach. And would only add 1 ounce of water so it was a vitamin infusion. – Note: I don’t do this everyday but do it when things are rough.

A. Brewers Yeast 1/3 tsp or 1/4 tsp of Fermented B Vitamins
B. Organic Acerola vitamin C or liposomal vitamin C
C. Cod Liver Oil, I recommend these two brands (give via syringe or on a spoon)
Green Pastures FCLO (my kids love the chocolate butter/FCLO gel)
Rosita EVCLO
D. Baby’s Multi-vitamin juice for babies and for toddlers Garden of Life Mutli
E. Quarter scoop of Ultima Electrolytes
F. 1/4 teaspoon of probiotics: (Child or infant probiotics)
Garden of Life
Klaire Labs
Flora/Udo’s Choice
G. Homemade Elderberry Syrup include it always in daily vitamins I give

6. Baltic Amber Teething necklace: Both of my girls still wear theirs and have had it on them since 3 months of age. Got both of mine on Amazon.

Earache: I guess I arm lucky that both of my girls have not had any bad earaches but if they were to have this is my solution. My son had a high fever of 104 and I took him to ER. Dr said he had a mild ear infection. I asked to treat him naturally with the exception of some ibuprofen. I was successfully able to treat with garlic mullein oil! Now Drs are saying that unless there’s puss and really notable infections, there’s no need for antibiotics and other natural remedies should be exhausted before antibiotics are used.

1. Garlic Mullein oil:  Take a cup of water, heat in the microwave for 1 minute.  Stick the bottle of Garlic Mullein oil in the cup for 2 minutes.  Pull it out, test it on your hand and then put 1 drop in either ear.  Within several hours immediate results.
2. I cut out all dairy and wheat until any and all symptoms are gone.
3. I make sure their sinuses are cleared out by putting a warm wash cloth over their eyes and nose and pulling everything out. It really helps. Or if your baby/kid likes water on their face I just take a cup and pour water down their face until the congestion is alleviated.
4. Give the baby probiotics daily from then on out.
5. Get your baby to a Chiropractor to adjust his headplates, neck and back.

Fever (sluggish, cranky, etc):

1. Vitamin C or my elderberry syrup recipe every couple of hours
2. Calcium Lactate – Standard Process has a great one
3. Probiotics a must
4. Garlic ear oil in the years – to rule out ear infection
5. Tons of liquids
6. Luke warm or lipid bath frequently with Epson salt
7. Coconut water (in moderation and diluted as it gives my girls diarrhea).
8. Ultima for Electrolytes (add small amount to vitamin bottle)
9. Try to get them to sleep and relax as much as possible.
10. Cut out dairy products until their body is back up to snuff.
11.Get them outside for a little bit and get some sunshine
12. Calms Forte 4 Kids (as mentioned above)
13. Chamomilla 30X (as mentioned above)

Allergies/Sinus/Nasal congestion: Sadly, since moving to Florida I’ve learned of the huge oak trees and pollen it produces.  We got hit as a family. So I am now prepared.  Also, candida can appear to be cold symptoms so I have also treated candida for my daughter separately.

1. Buy local seasonal honey (for allergies). I found mine at the Farmer’s Market. Big must. Take spoonfuls or put in some lemon tea. My daughters would take it straight.
2. Niacin (B3): 25 mg for the kid (ground up and put in a vitamin bottle) and adults 100-200 mg or until you get a flush. Even if it doesn’t cause a flush I’ve found that B3 counteracts the allergy symptoms.
3. Standard Process Antronex (didn’t work for us but I’ve heard it works for others)
4. Garlic mullein oil in the ears to avoid infection of the sinuses/ears
5. Hot steamy bath. I steam up the room and then put warm water in the bath. Do several during the day and one in the middle of the night (only if it’s bothering them).
6. During the bath take a warm wash cloth and trickle warm water down their eyes (so it gets into the sinuses) and pull the mucus from the nose. I do this 3-4 times during the bath. (both of my girls think the aspirator is the devil).
7. Humidifier with Eucalyptus oil in it, I get it going on high
8. Put small dabs of the Eucalyptus oil on either side of the bed where the baby is.
9. Take some extra blankets or a Boppy and put the baby on an elevated platform so the mucus doesn’t bother them.
10.  DIY vapor rub (coconut oil mixed with eucalyptus oil) on the feet and socks over their feet.
11. DIY vapor rub on the chest and neck. Use small amounts and test it out.

Colic/Gassy/uncomfortable: I went through hell with the first baby and realized why and learned with baby #2.  For me it was all about diet and scheduling feedings and applying the Happy Baby on the Block steps.  In the meantime, these were my saving grace:

1. Read or watch The Happiest Baby on the Block.  I did all the 5 S’s with both of my girls when they were born to 6 months with Riley and 4 months with Jordyn (was too hot in Florida).
2. Give at least 2 hours of time from when you first started nursing to when you start nursing or give a bottle again. Give the baby time to digest the milk he’s just assimilated.
3. While my babies were ages 0-6 months (or until they could hold themselves upright on their own I would keep them upright after the feeding for no less than 30 minutes. Rub or pat their back and generally make it easy for them to digest the milk.
4. Make a checklist when they are gassy of things to check for:  Sometimes, you assume that your baby is crying from hunger after just nursing or bottle feeding when really it’s that they are gassy.  So I watch for these things:
A. Poopy diaper
B. Wet diaper
C. What I ate: Strawberries, onions, tomato, bell peppers, any cruciferous foods, chocolate, wheat, dairy & sugar (wheat, dairy & sugar were biggest culprits) made both of my girls livid with gas.
D. Tired
E. Hungry
F. Swaddled at all or well
G. Hot

5. Get your baby to a Chiro who can adjust their illeocecal valve, neck & back
6. Get your baby on a good infant/child probiotic. Big help!
7. Have back ups on hand. These remedies saved my life and I had a rare issue with my youngest because I learned. Keep an extra dose or two in your diaper bag when you are out:

A. Cocyntal:  I find this is far more effective and immediately works or within minutes. I’ve used 2 vials at one time if I noticed it was bad or I knew I ate something bad and saw the symptoms coming.
B. Gripe Water: I found that Mommy’s Bliss worked better than Colic Calm and Herbs for Kids .  But I’ve put this there in case your baby does better on those. I started with one dose and did up to 2-3 more as necessary within the hour.
C. Using Happiest Baby on the Block 5 S’s. If you are in a pinch, watch this video.
D. Rubbing their stomach clock wise was HUGE. Only do 30 mins-1 hr after eating.
E. Doing “bicycles” for the baby with an added twist.  Start by pressing the babies right leg gently against the stomach and twist the torso to the left elbow with the leg staying pressed against the stomach and as you reach the elbow press against the stomach a little depper and then slowly go to the other side I would do this and no fail the gas would be coming out. I noticed when I did #4 and #5 in sequence that it yielded results all the time.- Again, be sure to only do this after they’ve eaten so as to avoid the baby spitting up their meal.

Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease: My daughter got this and I was able to contain it fast and it disappeared before the incubation period was over.

  1. Vitamin C every couple of hours
  2. Elderberry Syrup every couple of hours
  3. Probiotics
  4. Tons of liquids
  5. Epson salt bath to remove all toxins out of the body
  6. Make probiotic/eldeberry/honey/vitamin C/l-lysein popsicle for sores in the mouth. Will also kill the sores very fast. (just mix the ingredients together, freeze them in popsicle trays and then give to your baby/kid).
  7. Coconut oil/l-lysein with tea tree oil is wonderful for the skin
  8. Thieves oil sprayed around the house and around your daughters stuff to disinfect.

Coughs/Whooping cough/Croup:  While sometimes antibiotics or steroids are necessary, I know of many, many mothers who’ve avoided it all together. Both of my daughters were super close to having Whooping cough and I was able to kill it before it got any worse by these remedies. Please note if you ever end up in an Urgent Care facility they will push both antibiotics and steroids despite the croup/whooping cough being mild. So I always say let it ride unless your baby is seriously unable to breathe.

  1. Liposomal Vitamin C every couple of couple of hours with some of my homemade Elderberry syrup and Ultima electrolytes
  2. Probiotics with 7 or more strains
  3. Echinancea
  4. Warm steamy baths, then bring outside to get some cold fresh hair and then back into the bath.
  5. Epson salt baths
  6. Raw seasonal honey or Manuka honey every couple of hours. If baby is 6 months or younger I don’t advise.
  7. Garlic Mullein oil in the ears is a must to avoid ear infections and further sinus infections.
  8. No dairy and wheat during the signs of any congestion
  9. Keep them propped up on cushions in their bed.
  10. Rub coconut oil with a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil on their chest and back and feet and put socks on their feet.
  11. About 2 or 3am, give garlic oil in the ears, and give a hot steamy bath, the Vitamin C, echinacea and elderberry syrup and then back to me with another additional dose of the coconut oil rubbed on their body.
  12. Make sure you have a cold water humidifer right next to them with drops of eucalyptus oil. Big must.

Candida/Yeast overgrowth: My oldest daughter seemed to have what appeared to be a never ending cough with congestion. I finally had her tested by a Chiropractor who specialized in NRT (nutrition response testing) that confirmed what it was. This is how I handled it fast:

  1. No refined sugar and no fruits high in sugar
    A. Berries
    B. Melon
    C. Cantalope
    D. Watermelon
  2. No wheat
  3. Probiotics with 7 +strains (Klaire Labs, Udo’s or Garden of Life)
  4. Took one capsule of this with probiotics and elderberry syrup. It’s spicy so make sure to mix well. I syringe it and inject in mouth and then chase with some milk or juice.
  5. Have on hand and take on capsule with probiotics, s. boulardii


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  1. Kristina says:

    This is great Brit! I hope It’s ok to shorten your name, even though I don’t know you well. 🙂 I will definitely use it next time something comes up for my girls. Will you do a rash section?


  2. Debbie Rath says:

    Great info to have all in one place, so useful – thank you!!!


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    Thank you so much for sharing all of this! I continue to refer back to it! 🙂


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