Vaccination info

I have found these websites/books/documentaries very helpful when doing my research and wanting to share with those who may be looking.

Books to Read:

The Vaccination Book by Dr. Sears

The Vaccine Friendly Plan by Dr. Paul Thomas and Jennifer Margulis, Phd

How to End the Autism Epidemic – by JB Handley

Websites with accurate information on vaccinations:

Vaccine Education Site #1
Dr Jay
Dr David Berger
Dr. Paul ThomasVaccine Education Site #2

MUST SEE Documentary:

Top three documentaries worth viewing

Trace Amounts
The Greater Good

Drs to inquire with:  

Dr. Bob Sears was smart in helping parents find Drs that specialize in alternate vaccination schedules than what the CDC and regular Pediatricians will attempt to have you follow.  Here’s the link to find out whether there’s a Dr in your city that can help you, answer your questions about vaccinations and help you decide what route to go.

Vaccination Friendly Dr Database

These Drs have been very resourceful in helping me make my decisions on vaccinating my babies or maybe doing an alternate:

1. Dr Jay Gordon – He does webinars, seminars and media reports on the latest with regard to vaccinations. His webinar is very insightful about what’s been happening with vaccinations. I really like Dr Gordon because he’s very sane about vaccinations and really explains the pros and cons. He too is pro-choice but really stresses making sure, if you are going to go that route, get all the information.

2. Dr. Paul Thomas – Oregon based Pediatrician who does vaccinate on a very different schedule than the CDC has mandated.He just released an excellent book called, “The Vaccine Friendly Plan”.

3. Dr Bob Sears – He wrote the Vaccination Book, which is a great book that helps you make a decision on how you want to go about doing the vaccinations if you decide to do it. He also advises a different vaccination schedule than the CDC recommends.

4. Dr David Berger – He’s also another Dr that does alternate vaccination schedules but also educates parents as well on the pros and cons of vaccination. He’s located in Florida and does lecturing on the very subject.

Vitamins to take if you do vaccinate:

This is from Dr. David Berger of Florida. There are other holistic Drs that have similar vitamin schedules, including Dr Lauren Feder as noted above.

“Supplements to give for Vaccinations:

“Some people have concerns about having the immune systems being as strong as possible …when a vaccine is to be given. There are no studies that have shown this to be a safer approach, but I believe that these therapies are helpful.

“I prefer to give vaccines only when children are healthy:

“1 ) Vitamin A – should be given the day before, the day of, and the day after any vaccine. It should never exceed 3 days. The liver can be damaged if used for long periods of time at these doses. The dosing provided here is anecdotal, based upon my and other doctor’s experience. Studies have not been done to confirm them. The dosing per age is as follows (per dose): for children under 6 months, 10,000 IU. Children 6-12 mo 15,000 IU. Children 12-24 month 20,000 IU. Children 2-3 years 25,000-30,000 IU. Children 4-5 years 40,000IU. Children 6-7 years 50,000 IU. Children 7-10 75,000 IU, children 11-14 100,000 IU, and people 15 and older 150,000 IU. These high doses may be problematic for people with clotting difficulty or liver disease. It is advisable to give/take a ½ dose when not sick to make sure it is tolerated. There are both liquid drops and capsules available. Do not use this as a daily preventative.

“2 ) Vitamin C- preferably as Ester or Buffered C. Doses listed here are the total amount per day and should be divided in 3-4 doses. For children under 1 year of age give100mg per month of age. For children up to age 5, 1000mg per year of age, and as much as possible for older children and adults, as long as the stool does not become loose. Give this from 3 days before until 3 days after each vaccine

“3 ) Zinc – children under 1 year old give 10-15mg a day, children between 1 and 3 give 20-30 mg daily, older children 50mg a day, and adults can take 75-100 mg a day. This should be divided into 2-3 doses through the day. Give this from 3 days before until 3 days after each vaccine.

“4 ) Echinacea – This herbs have a similar active ingredient called arabinogalactan. which is believed to increase production of white blood cells. For children under 3 months of age use 5 drops 3 times a day and for children 3-6 months use 10 drops 3 times a day. For children 6-12 months give 15 drops 3 times a day. For children 1-2 years give 20 drops 3 times a day. For children 2-4 years give 25 drops 3 times a year and for children greater than 4 years old give 30 drops 3 times a day. This should be given from 3 days before until 3 days after each vaccine.

“Please be aware that these therapies have not been evaluated in large, multi-centered studies. One must always weigh the risks and benefits of each therapy on an individualized basis. Please contact our office if there are any questions or if any issues were to arise. ”

CDC Vaccination Schedule 1983 vs 2016:

This chart should make anyone wonder why there are so many vaccines now and why Hep B is given at the first day of life. Doesn’t make sense.


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  1. Renee says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have the same books etc and now I can refer others to your blog!!!! Yay! You’re the best Brittany! So helpful and now I can share with others.


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  2. Debbie Rath says:

    Awesome links and info!

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