Remineralizing Toddler/Children Teeth

I learned how to re-mineralize my daughter’s teeth after she went through two very big cavities that had to get pulled and destroyed enamel on the rest of her teeth from antibiotics given to her after she was born. Being a new mom, I had no clue about probiotics and fermented cod liver oil…damage was already done.

Within 4 weeks with her on the diet and with taking Fermented Cod Liver oil/High Vitamin Butter Oil her teeth when from dull yellow to sparkling, shining white!

I’ve had a lot of friends ask about how I did it and here’s the general diet and how I was able to get my girls onto a diet fitting for a toddler.

They do have cheats now that the remineralization has been done but if I cheat I load up double time on the cod liver oil and keep oral hygiene in as a priority.

1. Applegate sausages
2. Organic bacon
3. Organic eggs and pastured eggs (super key) if you can get them.
4. Raw goats or cow milk that I get straight from the animals.
5. Green pastures fermented cod liver oil (been relaxed lately and going to be putting back in this week) and Nordic Naturals Cod liver oil 2.5 ml daily.
6. Gluten free oats for cereal (most gluten-free breads have rice)
7. KerryGold or Raw butter used (and a lot of it). I even let the girls eat gobs of it. Super healthy.

Fruits: (avoid fruits that are highly acidic and high in sugar like Pineapple, Blueberries, Bananas, the book below will tell you exactly which ones)

Fruits I give:

Cheese (sparingly)
Turkey (organic)
Sausage (organic)
Chicken (organic)
Annie’s mix (cheat on that)
Applegate hot dogs and corn dogs (sparingly on the corn dogs)
Mixed vegetables from Costco

Juice: avoided altogether or use 1 ounce for every 8 ounces of water for their vitamin drinks.  Raw milk straight from a cow was awesome!

Salmon and other fish (super key)
Organic ground beef (hamburger, meatballs or mixed with vegetables and occasionally noodles – gluten free noodles are advised while restoring enamel).
I use lots of butter and some salt to season the above
Mixed vegetables like carrots and the mixed veggies above
Occasionally make bone broth and let the girls drink it or chicken livers cooked into the meat I make

On how I get the girls to eat the cod liver oil, I put it on a piece of gluten free bread or put it in yogurt (try to get raw) with HONEY. Honey is used sparingly the first three weeks but if you have to sweeten it use RAW, UNFILTERED honey or better yet Elderberry Syrup. You can also mix in a smoothie you make (I would add it after you’re done blending so it doesn’t stick to the sides) or in yogurt. Hides it well. Or you can buy the straight liquid without capsules but that is a bit more expensive. I start out with a smaller dose of the Fermented cod liver oil capsules, cut off the ends of the capsules and push the stuff onto the bread. I recommend if you are unable to get raw butter/milk that you buy the FCLO with High Vitamin Butter Oil. 

Vitamins daily:

1. B5 at bedtime
2. B complex
3. Cal-mag
4. Electrolytes & minerals
5. Cod liver oil
6. Probiotics
– I don’t use BioDent but have heard other mamas who have used it to make sure the teeth stay strong.

– Toothpaste – Earthpaste (Lemon Flavor is the best one for my girls)

– If you must use rice, double soak and use the liquid the first soaking (24 hours) to soak again and you will see the phytic acid build up when you soak rice overnight. It also cooks and tastes so much better afterward.

– Same with almonds and other nuts. Soak and then dry and you season and eat.

– Raw kefir made from Raw milk. You can either buy the raw kefir or you can make it with raw milk, if you make your own you can add berries and let them ferment with the milk and then when it’s done add a small amount of honey. This is going to be super important to do for you and the family.

Other links to look up and to read on and products to get:

1. Read the book Cure Tooth Decay: Changed my whole view on modern diets and why teeth are so fragile these days.

2. Link on diet changes:

3. M.I. Paste – Get the one without the Flouride.  Most Dr’s offices have it. Super important to have to help stop decay immediately.


2 Responses to Remineralizing Toddler/Children Teeth

  1. Coralie says:

    Hello, my son is 15 months, for the B5 and B complex, how much should I give him, and how, I can like take the powder Inside of it and mix it with yogurt…IM in Québec city, so i should find those in a natural store…thanks!


    • Hi Coralie, thanks for inquiring. It really depends on the product you are using. I recommend buying Brewers Yeast and doing 1tsp in a drink of his choice. B5 100mg. BComplex if you get the liquid I do about 10 drops of the fermented liquid B Vitamins. Can you order from Amazon?


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