Secondary drowning and magic of Vitamin C

Note to Reader: I am not a Doctor and anything I say here is my experience and what I have done to fix naturally.  Please consult a Doctor if  you have any concerns about your child’s health or well being. 

August 2016 is a date I will remember for a long time. About 12pm in the afternoon we were at a water park and my daughter jumped onto an inner tube my son was holding on to and he fell into the water. I caught him but half of his face landed in the water. He seemed to be okay and continued to play.   Fast forward to 6-8 hour later, he started breathing really fast and had a fever. I was timing his breathing and frequently checking his temperature and couldn’t figure out what was going on. You can hear him at that time:

I had finally given his body about 8 hours to fight it, gave him some vitamins at that time, probiotics, steam bath, oil on the chest/back and feet and nothing was breaking the rapidity of breathing. I gave him Ibuprofen and waited another hour and nothing was improving the rate of breathing. Finally picked him up about 3:30am and ran him to the hospital.

When we arrived they swabbed his nose, chest X-rays, nebulizer, then oxygen to open up his airways as he was having a hard time breathing.  He finally started to calm down when I put oxygen over his mouth.  Xray came back with pneumonia but only a pocket of it on his left lung. After lots of dialogue we ascertained that it was the aspirating of water that caused this or similar to “dry drowning” or “secondary drowning”

SECONDARY DROWNING: “After being briefly submerged in water, an affected child may gag and cough a little and seem fine for a while, even up to 24 hours. However, the small amount of water that was aspirated into the airway will spark an inflammatory response, which will cause the lungs to slowly fill up with fluid (known as pulmonary edema). That’s why symptoms don’t show up until hours later.”

So, just to be safe, they gave him IV antibiotics and then waited a couple more hours. He was still breathing really fast. By 6am,  the Doctor on duty didn’t feel our small town hospital was equipped to handle my son so we were raced by Panda Care (ambulance staff specifically trained in the transporting of babies/children) team to OHSU Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Portland.

When we arrived at OHSU we were hooked back up to all the monitors and just under “observation”. One thing the nurse said was that when you have an issue with dry drowning, you really need to get the child to cough, get them to move the fluid around in the lungs so it can go out.  So I started doing that with Archer and sure enough, after each “fake” cough his stats would go up.  I told Archer what he needed to do to get out of the hospital as he just wanted to go home.  He made it happen.  Within 5 hours of arriving we were already being discharged with a second dose of antibiotics to take with us for the week.

I arrived home after essentially two days of no sleep and I started looking at what I could change in my house and what predisposed my son to respiratory issues, because we were also in the hospital when he was not yet a year old for similar symptoms and ended up just being that his body was sensitive to high fevers.  I started researching and it dawned on me that my son was deficient in vitamin C.

Well 3 weeks later, similar symptoms came back and instead of freaking out, I just started him on 500mg of raw vitamin C every two hours. He was breathing bad, breathing fast and had a fever again. By the second dose of 500mg of raw vitamin C his breathing slowed down and started to regulate, his body temp started to go down again as well and by that morning all symptoms were GONE! I was so relieved.

Interestingly enough Vitamin C studies confirm efficacy for respiratory issues including pneumonia, common colds, whooping cough and even sepsis. So I believe the efficacy of Vitamin C cannot be understated.

Since I started putting Vitamin C in daily as well, he has not gotten sick…until he started pre-school last week (was expected) but he was only out for 24 hours and amazingly he had zero respiratory issues with his fever. Now I know exactly what to do to fix it if he has any symptoms of flu/sickness/illness.  I just give him my homemade Elderberry syrup and also my Vitamin C and he’s fully recovered the next day.

My daughters also get the same routine when they have any illness and they rebound so fast when I use raw Vitamin C.  I never saw these results when I used synthetic brands.

For my children, I take 1-2 capsules of Garden of Life Raw vitamin C and break them open, or 1/4-1tsp of Pure Synergy Vitamin C powder, add in my Elderberry syrup & mix with some Ultima Electrolytes in their cups, stir and they drink. They get it daily. 

I recommend these brands and I have seen wonderful results with these, also I’ve figured out making my own Liposomal Vitamin C without the use of synthetic vitamin C for those who want quick absorption of the vitamin C.

1. Pure Synergy
2. Garden of Life 
3. Dr. Schulze 
4. MegaFoods 

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We can do more, we can do better!


In September of last year, after caring for a mother who had her daughter removed after she declined the Hep B shot at birth, I stepped up to help this mother out and the amount of citizens who stepped up to help was astounding. Chiros, Doctors, attorneys all joined to protect this mother and her case was dismissed by DHS.

I then went to my Senator and pleaded with him to do something to change this. He recommended introducing legislation.  Fast forward to today, I have spent many hours getting these 3 bills submitted, getting it on the calendar to be heard and then have it fail to be scheduled for a work session.  Why?  Well, per legislators “it takes more than one session to push an idea that goes against the grain of the general populace”.  What?  So our rights, our personal rights listed in the constitution is going against the grain just because the word “vaccine” is listed in it?  Or as one Senator said (who has been found colluding with Pharma Lobbyists)  “It’s not going to get a popular vote”.

The three bills that I fought for along with thousands of Oregonians are here:

DHS amendment of abuse bill
Rights to informed consent for all vaccines bill
Rights to employment

These bills had overwhelming support, they had tons of calls and emails. They had people coming out of the woodwork to testify in support of these bills. It still didn’t pass. I am searching more as to why and I have asked specifically with the Chairs of those committees why.

Couple things I learned this year:

  1. We need more people seeing their Senators. Talking to the Senators, giving your concerns and we need more active constituents for our fundamental rights to our bodies. Give them books, Documentaries, studies, give them TRUTH. They do listen.
  2. There are more lobbyists pushing their agenda during legislative session than there are concerned parents.  We could win this war if we inundated our legislators year round with your concerns. We can’t wait until a bill hits the floor to finally stand up and do something.  We need to be PRO-ACTIVE now.  If you went once a month to a town hall meeting, scheduled one appointment every three months with your Senator, showing up at the Capitol, be known and show up.
  3. Raise the membership base for your local group that protects parental rights. You do this by telling your friends, telling your family and them telling their friends. Our group is not nearly as big as it should.
  4. There are GOOD Senators/Legislators. They need to be informed by their constituents and groups protecting parental and individual rights.
  5. Town hall Meetings with US Congressman/woman need to be more than 2-3 people that are fighting for the goal of personal rights. We need WAY MORE people showing up. The bigger our roar, the bigger it impinges.

After giving this testimony, it hit me and I tried to do a “live” Facebook video about it but it was too emotional for me.  I can’t do this with just a handful of people, my friends.  People who I know support this cause never made a phone call or email and could have. We need to triple our numbers.  Pharma Reps at the Capitol are HUGE. We must start showing up NOW to our Senators and our legislators and you must remain vocal and you must remain active if you want CHANGE.  We need to be present in larger numbers than the lobbyists who are paid handsomely to take our freedoms away.  If you go to Church daily or weekly, if you have a running club, have a membership at a gym talk about it, get your friends more active but also carve out 30 minutes in your week to fight for personal rights.

Don’t wait until next legislative session when 3-4 bills have been submitted that take away our rights to informed consent. Please help us secure it. Please get active. Please do more!

If you live in Oregon and want to help, we are trying to get 250,000 signatures to protect our constitutional right to informed medical consent.  If you live in Oregon, go here to sign up to do more. If you don’t want to do signatures, letters, phone calls and a meeting with your Senator is also important.

Finally a wonderful new docu-series about informed consent and parental rights and real scientific information on vaccines, The Truth About Vaccines




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The untold story about 99 % of Vitamin D3 sold on the market


About four years ago I was researching the different sources of Vitamin D and Omegas.  I wanted to get more information on the sources of their Vitamin D3 and was very curious how they process the products.

I stumbled upon this article and in an effort to make sure this process is known and does not disappear I am going to re-post the steps on how Vitamin D3 is extracted.

99 % of the Vitamin D3 on the market comes from wool from sheep.  Some brands use vitamin D2 from non-animal sources and it a different form from the vitamin D humans can assimilate from sun exposure. Most all Vitamin D3 is sold from sheeps in Australia or New Zealand.  If you see the word “cholecalciferol”, then you know you are consuming D3 from sheep’s wool.

What turned me off from ever buying anymore Vitamin D3 (from most all companies) was learning the extraction process and what the wool goes through to extract this “D3”.  This really is a man-made Vitamin D3 after it’s been processed. I apologize in advance for the words you will be sent to look up in learning this process.

Here are eight simplified steps to make Vitamin D supplements (from Jameison Vitamins):

1. Depending on the breed, healthy sheep will produce from 2 to 30 pounds of wool each year.

2.  Wool is sheared from mature, live sheep.

3.  Crude lanolin is extracted from the wool using a scouring process, during which the fleece is washed in hot water with a detergent (Wiki: Lanolin is extracted by washing the wool in hot water with a special wool scouring detergent to remove dirt, wool grease (crude lanolin), suint (sweat salts), and anything else stuck to the wool).

4.  Crude lanolin undergoes a saponification process; this separates the fatty component which is removed via centrifugation, from the ‘unsaponifiable’ component, known as ‘lanolin alcohols’. These undergo further steps of saponification and separation to increase purity.

5.  Crude cholesterol is extracted from lanolin alcohol using solvent washes and / or column chromatography.

6.  The crude cholesterol undergoes a series of further solvent extractions, washes and drying until it is extremely pure and crystalline. This purified cholesterol has been assessed as being fully compliant with the quality required for pharmaceutical manufacture.

7.  Purified cholesterol is then taken through a four-step chemical process to make 7-Dehydrocholesterol, this is otherwise known as ‘pre-Vitamin D3’

8.  Next, the pre-Vitamin D3 is irradiated to produce Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol); this is the same reaction that is used by human skin to manufacture the vitamin from sunlight. Finally, the pure crystals of Vitamin D3 are used to make the stabilized product forms that can be used to manufacture dietary supplements and other end use applications such as foods and beverages.

I have since called most all vitamin companies and asked them their source of D3 and all of them at the time used D3 from lanolin (cholecalciferol).  The only company that has come out on top in 2016 is Garden of Life.  Why, because they switched from using synthetic D3 in their new MyKind vitamins that they started producing with Alicia Silverstone. The D3 comes from a food source, lichen. Though, I am just now reading that this supplier may do the same processing technique as mentioned above. More research is needed and I have emailed the top supplier of D3 from lichen.

Other companies that do not use chemicals, heat washes, detergents, irradiation with their oils is and has naturally occurring Vitamin D3 are:

Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver oil – my family has been using for four years with great results. If you have any questions on their products, the owner himself is happy to answer.

Rosita/Corganic Extra Virgin CLO – my only complaint with these guys is that they will not disclose their source of Vitamin E that they add to their oil.  Why do they have to add? I do not know. They are also very spendy and the fish comes from the same waters as other top fish oil companies who do extensive processing to their cod liver oil due to “contaminants” in the fish. So jury is still out on them.

Garden of Life Raw D3 – its vegetarian and vegan friendly. Raw Vitamin D3. But jury is also still out on whether the extraction process is also horrible to get D3 from lichen.

If you have synthetic D3 in your cabinets, I recommend using it up and not buying in the future or if you are totally grossed out you can throw it away.   I hope this helps another in their search for healthier supplements.

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Why I don’t use Young Living or Doterra

Earlier this year I was researching essential oils for my family.  For those who do not know me, I do a lot of research, I call the companies, I look into each and every single detail of the product to make sure if I am investing in it, I know it’s going to be legit.

I started reading some blogs that helped guide me a bit:

Whole New Mom

Holistic Essentials – YL Distributor Testing oils

Dr. Pappas statement

After I read these and many others, I decided my family was not going to be using any essential oils coming from large corporations and MLMs.  It was also the horrible attack I saw when YL and DoTerra Reps had concerns about their products and had them separately tested.  I personally decided that it’s best to stick to small batch companies and companies that take pride in their oils and are very open and transparent (not using their own in house labs) with their lab findings and work with concerns to find out what happened on that batch.  In doing that research I found these companies:

Plant Therapy
Rocky Mountain Oils
Mountain Rose Herbs 

And when in a pinch, yes I do use NOW essential oils and they’ve actually been great!

After many issues coming up of questionable products,  Young Living decided it was best to announce a new person over their quality control and have them issue a statement.  What YL didn’t realize is that something didn’t smell right when I saw their issued statement and I looked into this new hire. What’s interesting to me is that Young Living doesn’t mention his previous employer (other than the press release) that he has worked with over 22 years:

R. Michael Buchs – Ex Executive GSK

But LinkedIn sure told me everything I need to know:

LinkedIn Profile – GlaxoSmithKline from 1992-2015

Just scroll through his contacts and friends on LinkedIn.  Doesn’t matter what roll he played in that company, be it oral care R&D or Snr Director of GlaxoSmithKline.  I will never support an organization that hires someone to directly oversee R&D and quality control who has played a part in covering up fraud, bribery and the maiming and killing of both innocent children and adults through their questionable psychiatric drugs or tainted vaccines.  He was directly responsible for both during his tenure with GSK, why would we trust him with essential oils ?

GSK Fraud- 3 Billion dollar fine before he left

GlaxoSmithKline Criminality

I did take a good look at Mike Buchs, and it is possible that he had a change of heart and decided to go a totally different more holistic approach, but after 22 years?  He’s got a good pension already with GSK…

Take your time and research, don’t trust anyone and find out what you are taking is truly and factually real essential oils.  I will always tell you the truth if I research something.  I did lose a friend over this finding because she felt I was being selfish and just thinking about me.  She is a distributor for YL. But I’d rather people know about this than not know about it.

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s. boulardii is magic for your gut


A couple years ago my husband was bedridden with a horrible stomach flu, no matter of rice, charcoal, probiotics, yogurt, bacteria zapping pills would fix it. He was stuck in bed for 7 days.  Finally, I stumbled upon something online, “s. boulardii is the only probiotic yeast that can survive stomach acid and bile”…  Say that again…. “s. boulardii is the ONLY probiotic yeast that can survive stomach acid and bile”.

So I ran to the local health food store and stocked up on some of this amazing magical gut inflammation healing “s. boulardii”.  What I didn’t know was it’s benefits to the gut in general.  It fixed his torn up bowels in 24 hours.  I have since used this on myself and my kids at any onset of stomach flu and it stops it from continuing.

Here is a great scientific article from UCLA Medical Department of Medicine

Another article on the benefits of s. boulardii

The amazing things that s. boulardii has been proven to help improve:

  • Can be taken in combination with antibiotics to reduce the gut disruption and diarrhea.
  • Has shown to improve SIBO in cases it’s been used on.
  • Has shown to alleviate chron’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Can kill or aide a stomach bug/flu in your child and adult in its track when taken at first onset.
  • Can help stop diarrhea once it’s started
  • Can aid in any type of gut inflammation that you or your child has (constipation, heart burn, stomach aches, etc).

For more information on this probiotic yeast, here’s a book you can read:
The Special Forces Probiotic

I have not been paid to write this. I am not a Doctor and I am just offering my tips on what we’ve done in our household.  Jarrows Formula’s recommends you take 1-2 times a day with water or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.



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Best beginning foods for babies

I’ve seen this topic come up a lot. I’ve read a bunch of books that have helped me get to this point as a parent and I wanted to share with you all. I’m sure I may entertain a different route after more research but thought I’d share. I do believe that babies should be given breast milk or formula for first 2 years of life.

NB-2 years breast milk is best
For those who cannot nurse:
NB – 2 years Weston A Price Baby Formula for those who can make it daily
NB- 2 years Baby’s Only, HIPP or HOLLE are good substitutes

Food/Nutrition GuideI recommend starting foods at 6 months and in small pieces versus pureed.
NB-3 months – start on probiotics, I recommend Klaire Labs and Udo’s Infant
and Garden of Life 3 months on.
3 months – get baby started on Fermented Cod Liver oil or Extra Virgin Cod Liver oil. I recommend starting early so they enjoy it when they are older.
3-6 months – concentrate on cod liver oil, probiotics and nursing. No solids during this time.
6-8 months – (all in small pieces to grab) avocado, egg yolk, liver, coconut oil, olive oil, raw grassfed butter, some fish, Kefir, bone broth, yogurt and buttermilk, raw cow or goats milk. (the latter 6 will need to be fed to baby). Conditional: some babies are totally fine with carrots and sweet potato, especially mixed with fats. I say go for it.
8-9 months – sauerkraut, kimchi, olives, pickled vegetables (in moderation), introduce bananas, pears, apples and other fruits (in moderation) with a healthy fat as this will help with digestion and avoid constipation.
10-12 months – steamed/baked vegetables (carrots, peas, broccoli, sweet potato etc) in small pieces mixed with bone broth or raw grassfed butter, fish, steak, chicken, pork. Grassfed meats wherever possible or organic is best.
12 months + – slowly introduce some sprouted soaked overnight grains and see how the baby does.  Make sure grains are organic, have been soaked and properly cooked before giving to your baby.  Organic peanuts, almonds, strawberries, raw honey are great to start here.

For more information on why I’ve picked this sequence, these links and books have helped me a ton:

Food Renegade
Healthy Home Economist
Wellness Mama
The Alpha Parent
Mark’s Daily Apple
Book: It Starts with Food
Book: The GAPs diet
Book: How To Cure Tooth Decay Naturally
Weston A. Price Foundation

I hope this has helped you and I may change this again through my research and when I go back to school to train as a pediatric nutritionist!




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Make real Liposomal Vitamin C

IMG_8668About two years ago my friend Eva turned me onto the brand Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C due to my kiddos getting sick a lot after starting preschool (like easily once every 3 weeks).  It worked like a charm.

Whooping Cough & Liposomal Vitamin C:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries

What is Liposomal Vitamin C & the benefits: 

Dr. Mercola Video

Blog post from another

Article on what it isHow to video from Herb Farmacy

Over those two years I’ve grown tired of purchasing a small box of the liposomal vitamin C for $1.00 a packet or $33.00 a box.  So I checked out how many people have made their own liposomal vitamin C and there are TONS!

What sets this recipe apart from the others is not using synthetic vitamin C.  I have gone ahead and made my own and while mine may not be 1000mg per 2 ounce dose, it’s still a high dose of vitamin C that is 80 % assimilated into the body! My friends who have switched have noticed a much faster response with the use of raw vitamin C vs synthetic.

To start, I watched a bunch of videos, but this guy Natural Herb Farmacy was my top pick because he was using non-GMO and no synthetic ingredients.

Finding the best ingredients:


NOW Lecithin

Micro Nutrients Sunflower Lecithin

Acerola Vitamin C or Raw Vitamin C: 

My next quest was finding a non GMO vitamin C.  You can either use Acerola powder or you can also find a raw vitamin C mixture. See links below. I have used all these brands and I personally have had the most success with Pure Radiance. I’ve also just recently bought a bunch of the different sources of Vitamin C in bulk and will be blending my own now.

Acerola Vitamin C (with non GMO maltodextrin)

Acerola Vitamin C (pure acerola berries and nothing else)

Pure Radiance Vitamin C

Dr. Schulze Vitamin C 

Ultra Sonic Machine:

  1. I got one with the best reviews, as recommended in the video above, and does 16 ounces of liquid. I know it works because after I did the 15 minute cycle, the liquid stayed together, no separation of fat/water etc. I may invest in a higher sound wave the next time, for time being this does the job.
  2. Make sure you read the instruction manual front to back. Key things to follow to make sure you care for the machine properly.
  3. And what’s even greater, is that after your done and clean it out, you can clean your watches and jewelry!

Ultra Sonic Machine

Ingredients: 1 Glass or wooden spoon (do not use metal), 1 tablespoon measurement, two 8 ounce Mason jars, one 16 ounce Mason jar, raw vitamin C powder, distilled water, a glass measuring cup, two blenders or two blender containers, Sunflower lecithin and an ultrasonic machine.


  1. Take 3 tablespoons of Vitamin C and put into 8 ounces of distilled water into one mason jar and let it sit and mix it in.
  2. Take 3 tablespoons of Sunflower lecithin and put into 8 ounces of water in one mason jar and let it sit and mix it in.
  3. Blend the 3 tablespoons of Vitamin C powder/water together in the blender for 30 seconds.
  4. Blend the 3 tablespoons of Lecithin/water in the blender for 30 seconds.
  5. Join the lecithin mixture and vitamin C powder mixture and blend for 30 seconds
  6. Then take the liquid and pour into the Ultrasonic machine. Press on. Every time it shuts off at 3 minutes, take your wooden spoon and mix it. Then press it on again.
  7. Once you’ve done 5 cycles of 3 minutes, mix it and pour into a glass measuring cup and then pour into a 16 ounce mason jar.
  8. Take 2 ounces (or as many times as you like but recommending testing it out to see) before bed or when you first wake up on an empty stomach. Give yourself 30-45 minutes before consuming food.  To make it taste sweeter you can chase it with some Kombucha, orange juice, tea or your drink of choice.
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Dairy free Baby Formula

image.jpgFor the past 4 months I’ve been trying to find a formula that my son will not have heavy reactions to. I’ve done Baby’s Only, Weston A price cows/goat/liver and have failed each time. Even diluting the dairy.  my son ended up with mucous spewing out of his eyes, nose and a wet cough.

My son decided to stop nursing at almost 11 months. I think his last nurse session was the day before his 1st birthday.  Date nights were tough because I had to come back and feed him. I found  out by trial and error that he did not react to hemp milk. So I would give him that with some water and maple syrup but after the nursing stopped I felt obliged to find something with all the necessary immune boosters and today I found out how to do it.

Note: I believe that all babies and children should have some form of immune boosting supplements for as long as possible. At age 2, your babies immune system is in tact. So I plan to give this formula to him till age 2 and if he wants to continue I don’t mind.

  • I’ve taken the Weston A Price foundation Dairy free formula and added my own ingredients and amounts. 



2.5 cups of unsweetened Hemp Milk

2.5 cups of filtered water

4 tablespoons lactose

1 teaspoon of Garden of Life probiotics

1/4 cup homemade liquid whey (if you can get, this step is always a pain for me)

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1/2 teaspoon unflavored Butter/FCLO (I do not mix in bottle as it sticks to the sides of the bottle, I give separately on a spoon with either raw honey or almond butter)

1 teaspoon unrefined sunflower oil

2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon non-GMO acerola powder or raw vitamin C

1 teaspoon of Gelatin

1 teaspoon of Brewers Yeast/Nutritional Yeast

2 teaspoon of Elderberry syrup (optional)

1 tablespoon of organic Maple syrup

  • Mix above ingredients in a blender and serve cold (close to room temp) or warm up. I’ve done both with no issues




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How I cleansed myself of gallstones

Almost 5 years ago to this day I was experiencing extreme pain in my upper right shoulder in between my shoulder blades. I remember watching Mad Men with my husband and he would spend the evening massaging just that section because it felt super tight.  I was pregnant with my first daughter Riley and assumed it was just the weight of the baby and gaining an unfortunate amount of weight.

Well, shortly after having the baby early due to an issue with my gallbladder (cholestasis of pregnancy) I noticed the pain was always there maybe not as much and not as intense. I got adjustments, massages and pain still there but better.  I noticed as well whenever I would bend over to do a deep push up or yoga the gallbladder would have a “charlie horse”  or seize. It was painful.

Then I thought it was weight/diet related so  decided to lose a bunch of weight. I did HCG and the pain was intense during that weird crazy diet. I started googling organs in the upper right back area and gallbladder showed up.  So between the issues with the pregnancy and the pain I knew something was up. I started researching and found out about gallbladder disease, how to avoid gallbladder issues, how to clean it out.

I was shortly thereafter pregnant with my second baby. So couldn’t do the cleanses but knew that if I took daily doses of Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root I can avoid an early induction with my second baby. My OB was fascinated by all this and was so impressed that I avoided early induction with the second baby.  I still had the cholestasis but it didn’t turn on until 39 weeks versus 34 weeks with my first.

About a year after I finished nursing my baby I did the Dr. Schulze Colon cleanse and did this for about 2 weeks but added Apple Cider Vinegar to the juices 5 times a day. This is longer than recommended (only 5 days after 1 week of doing Formula 1 )  but my body really needed it.  So much crap came out. Won’t go into details. But it was scary effective in cleaning out a lifetime of crap in my colon.  Husband then followed suit and same thing happened with him.  I felt amazing and the cleanse gave me a new lease on life. I have since done the Dr Schulze cleanse 4 times and the gall bladder cleanse 3 times. Each time I’ve removed huge stones and cleaned out my body of weird things.

I then did the Dr. Hulda Clarke Gallstone/Liver flush. Which is more extreme than the Andreas Moritz cleanse, but I felt it was more effective for me personally. Also it concerns me that Andrea’s cleanse doesn’t have you doing a full colon cleanse prior. It’s super important to have a cleaned out colon before doing a gallstone/liver flush as otherwise you will feel super toxic after the cleanse

I did it to the T (I didn’t buy the other supplements they recommend just lemons, extra virgin olive oil and epson salt) and I had over 100 stones come out over the course of 24 hours. Some the size of a prune and one the size of a little golf ball. Biggest ones came out first, then the smaller and smaller ones and then the powdered dissolved particles. I know probably TMI.  It did not hurt at all. The epson salt relaxes the gallbladder so it can easily release and the combo of the lemon juice and olive oil it releases the stones.   I did feel a little nausea about 2 or 3am but that passed by 6am.

So to give you sequence:

Day 1-7 I did Dr. Schulze Colon Cleanse Formula 1 and Formula 2. Drank the Formula 2 five times a day in 32 ounces of water each time with some apple cider vinegar added for taste and to help break down the stones.  I only ate vegetables soups, fruits and vegetables and no fats. It was tough for me to do this but I wanted to alleviate the pain in my gallbladder.  I’ve done it where I ate regular meals while doing the cleanse and I didn’t get the same results. So I just made it easy on my body and ate only those things that are easily digestible.

Day 6 – last day on Formula 1 and Formula 2

Day 7 – Start the Dr. Hulda Clarke cleanse. I felt sick if I ate anything after 1pm so I didn’t eat anything other than some sips of water.  Then did the cleanse as noted in the the link I’ve provided.  That morning magic started happening. When allowed I started out eating a piece of fruit and then some broth and soup.  Just kept it light all day and then drank another 32 ounces of water before going to sleep.  You will see stones continue to be released each bowel movement for 24 hours.

I hear of people with gallbladder attacks and removal of their gallbladder. It all comes down to how you care for your body and cleansing the gallstones that will help you in the end. I strongly believe that the removal of the gallbladder will lead to other attendant problems. So I’ve learned how to take care of it and will continue to do routine gallbladder flushes until I no longer have any more pain in my gallbladder.

I hope this helps you ☺️

Note to reader: I’m not a Doctor, though I will be going back to school to get a degree in pediatric nutrition once son is old enough to attend school.



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The full truth and nothing but the truth about Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil

I remember the day clearly when I saw the hype driven and rather lengthy “essay” from Dr. Kaayla Daniel about her “underground” investigation into the well known product of Fermented Cod Liver oil by Green Pastures.

  1. I’ve never heard of Dr. Kaayla Daniel before this whole thing came out. And was skeptical about a Dr. who is talking trash about a small company so I wanted to at least have an open mind and read the whole “investigation”.
  2. I can only draw on my previous experiences where in 2012 my daughter had yellow teeth, two extreme cavities and decay from antibiotics given at birth. I started her on Green Pastures products for the oil and the butter and restored her enamel in four weeks.  What???!! Four weeks?!  Yes. So I know these products are amazing.

I eagerly opened the link, entered my name and email so fast so I could see the real scoop. Started reading and looked at the amount of writing….jeez.  Unfortunately, she lost me at the third page because she was constantly demeaning, carping and just being snide throughout the whole article. For a Doctor to be this negative and opinionated,  there’s something she’s hiding. Why is she so vehemently out for these guys?

I kept reading and there was mainly just her “feelings”no truths about the article. I did have some concerns that she brought to light so I called Dave Wetzel immediately after reading it. And he answered the phone for me.   I mean, what founder/CEO answers their phone to address consumer concerns, he sure does. I have put calls into Nordic Naturals and Rosita and can barely get a person on the phone, but he makes himself available.  Huge plus for Green Pastures.  Still waiting for a call back from Rosita for now 4 weeks to get all the information on their supplier…

I asked him in detail about these issues:

And here’s what he said.

  1. Dr. Kaayla raised her concerns and Dave invited her out, on an all expense trip paid to see their facility, access to test whatever she wanted to and to see the facility from soup to nuts. She never returned a single email.  Hmmmmm.
  2. Green Pastures regularly tests their oils for rancidity. They do not add any other oils.
  3. Who cares if the product is fermented. It’s another way to get healthy food into your body. They stand by their product.
  4. The use of pollock is roughly 10 % of the entire product line and only used because of shortages.
  5. Testing methods for D3 are very specific and the only way to test is through rat testing. Not the methods that Dr. Kaayla put out.

I personally wanted to know who was behind this endeavor and attack and I researched the direct competitors:

  1. Ron Schmid – claims Green Pastures product gave him a heart attack. Well, for the record apparently he has been over-consuming other cod liver oil for years before using Green Pastures and continued to go above the recommended dose. So I don’ t know how he can claim they are responsible.
  2. Corganic/Rosita – been fighting about the position Green Pastures has with WAPF for a long time and have apparently complained to Dr. Kaayla Daniel. Not sure why but something smells very fishy and I would like this company’s product line to go through the same testing that Dr. Kaayla Daniel did but this time being transparent about her lab sources.  Like this article here:
  3. And finally, who does an investigation and doesn’t go to the real source of the product? This sounds like someone just trying to defame a good company.  You don’t do a documentary about fish and go see a fisherman and ask them about fish. You go see the fish.  If you want to know about the facility, the integrity of that facility, how their product is made, wouldn’t you go to the place to get more information?  She didn’t and she lost all credibility with me when I found out that she never even went to Green Pastures when invited.

So, in the end, I went to see what others who I have respected said about this whole unnecessary scare that Dr. Kaayla Daniel put forth and this is what they have to say:

  1. Healthy Home Economist
  2. Chris Kresser
  3. Sally Fallon
  4. Craig Elding
  5. Owner David Wetzel 

So, in a nut shell my family will continue to use this product and I would like to see Dr. Kaayla Daniel research Rosita EVCLO,  Nordic Naturals and Carlson Oils since they all state that their fish is from the Norwegian waters and are all “natural”.  How does Rosita maintain integrity of their vitamins despite their extensive processing and not add back in synthetic vitamins like Nordic and Carlson?   So Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel, please start looking at the bigger evils….

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