5 things I am passionate about…

Five things I am passionate about, will talk passionately about, may annoy others about how passionate I am about it and you can be just as passionate and tell me you’ve heard enough:

1. Health and key underlying causes to ailments and addressing these naturally (this includes the incorrectly drugging of babies and children and adults with psychotropic drugs instead of finding what diet deficiencies they have. My Running also fits into the “health” category).

2. Alternatives to avoid taking antibiotics and cold hard truth about what the  antibiotics do you to your body/gut due to excessive use.  The fact that probiotics and cod liver oil are foreign to so many people I’ve met as to how effective they are for your babies and yourself.

3. Vaccines, the truth about them and that I believe an alternative schedule from the 1980ies is much safer than today. I am a firm believer that due to the combo and excessive shots given in today’s schedule, autism has become more prominent.

4. Proper schools and education that have DIVERSITY for our children. Not stuck in a mold and tons of home economics, space, sports and crafts…(whatever happened to sewing, crochet, cooking, wood shops, welding & setting a table back when we were young?)

5. Our children raised with love but also with their exchange in with the household. Learn how to make money, produce and exchange with the household so when they turn 18 they know how to live in the world outside.  My girls love helping me clean up when I make it fun, cook, sweep and of course decorate the house during the holidays.  Push contribution, you will have happier child.

There I said it. I hope you all have a Happy Holidays!!!!

You are welcome to answer passionately about what you are passionate about!


About Britt's Health Tips

Started running at age 9 and always loved learning about nutrition and health. When I was 17 years old, 30lbs over weight and diagnosed with hypo-thyroidism I decided to heal myself through diet and exercise. Having fully recovered from that and having three children I have learned how to effectively heal my children through diet. I decided through pressure from friends to document my success on a blog and here I am. 2018 will be a big year for me. I hope to be well on my way to finishing my degree in Pediatric Nutrition.
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2 Responses to 5 things I am passionate about…

  1. Niki says:

    Hi Brittany, All these points are great things to be passionate about. They are only the keys to survival! 🙂 Nice to see a new post on your blog!


  2. Peggy says:

    Those things! AND that parents receiving a pre-natal or ante-natal diagnosis of Down syndrome should be given access to parents with young children who have it (not given handouts of info from the ’60s) and only offered termination as a last resort, rather than pushed and bullied into making the choice and living forever with the guilt, or spending the first few months with their child in fear of the future, before they realise they were lied to.


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